The Strength of Our Church

Wow we have a lot of good news to share this week!

We had baptisms at the beach, and congratulations to Ran who was baptized and filled with so much joy!

5 people have already signed up for baptisms next month, let us know if you want to join them.

Today is the last day for Heart for the House!

If you haven’t given yet, whatever the amount, let’s be part of building the foundation of our future home through giving.

You can do online at and choose Yokohama, Yokosuka or Atsugi.

Remember our Church is not build on the amount of giving but the amount of givers!

What has God been speaking to you this recently?

That’s something we ask each other in Connect Group every week.

And actually that’s the strength of our Church!

Even in a season where we may not be around others as much, our faith is not weakened, but instead grows stronger as we spend time reading the Bible each day.

Today you can start this habit of journalling if you haven’t already.

-read some of the Bible each day

-write down what God is speaking to you

-pray as you finish

You’ll be surprised over time as God speaks you you clearer and clearer.

One question I hear sometimes is “Do I need to write it down?”

Habakkuk 2:2 says “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”

Writing things down clarifies our thoughts and makes its memorable.

During August our Connect Groups will be on summer break, but I want to encourage you use Line or messaging groups to share your journalling each week.

By sharing what we read, others keep us accountable and on track in God’s word,

Have a great week and see you at Church or Connect Group on Sunday!

Josh & Yuki

PS. If you want to hear the original story of journalling from Ps Rod check out the story on YouTube or Podcast


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