These teams work closely together to expressively lift the name of Jesus.

This team of photographers, and photo curators skillfully capture our services, connect groups, and special events and express their creativity through scheduled shoots and creative assignments.

Film Makers:
This team of directors, producers, videographers, and editors capture and communicate stories through the power of film on a wide array of projects in varied settings.

Environments (Interior Design):
From dream to design reality, from set-up to pack-down, the environments team serves to make Lifehouse spaces inviting and inspiring. This team occasionally focuses specifically on staging, from our regular services, to seasonal changes, events, to kids performances and ease of use.

Graphic Design:
Visual creation of images for seasonal themes to be displayed on Screens during Sunday services and events.

Photo Editors:
A division of Social Media, this team artistically edits photographic material, cropping and prepping it ready for print or social media use.

Social Media:
Through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and twitter, this team forms a digital expression of the in-person experience of our church.

This team of web designers and developers creates opportunities for online connection within our community and with those beyond our four walls.


This department consist of – Sound, Lighting, Screens, Stage, and TV – these teams work behind the scenes to perfect our programming and streamline our services.

Working in varied spaces, our lighting team engineers the right illumination for each and varied venues.

From our live experiences to occasional studio projects and video production, this team works to mix and master audio predominantly for Sunday services.

Across varied contexts, settings, and gatherings, this team of vocalists and instrumentalists use their gifts to lead our church in worship.

Set-Up and Pack-Down:
Facilitates the church experience by setting up before the service and taking down after the service.

Service Managers:
This team of managers helps to facilitate and maintain the programmed flow and order of services. Communicating changes to other relevant teams.

True to its name, this team manages all visual content on screens, facilitating the Gospel presentation by displaying scriptures, images, and points, empowering our church to engage in worship through the display of lyrics and evocative images to keep us all on the same page. (bilingual)

This team seamlessly blends into the background, often wearing black attire, they silently shift our stage elements and assist our Worship Team, MC’s, and speakers as they enter and exit the stage.

A division of the set-up and pack-down team, this team focuses on transporting church equipment from storage to church venue. They are the wheels of our church.

Screens (TV Production / Livestreaming):
This team of camera operators, program directors, and switchers capture and archive our services, using IMAG (image magnification) in our live settings to make sure you don’t miss a moment.


These teams work diligently to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church. Utilizing their gift of administration, they organize to keep people connected and accounted for.

Prayer Team
This team is for those who feel called to make a difference through prayer. Prayer Dream Team prays:

1. Before Sunday services for the people attending and those who are leading.

2. Weekly through the church wide online prayer calendar, where prayer points are posted monthly. See the online calendar and chose your preferred time slot.

Finance / Counting:
Ensuring security, accuracy, and confidentiality, this team delights in numbers and the potential that they represent. They are reliable and faith filled, believing for God’s blessing on the church.

Provides resources for people to continue their journey with Christ through printed materials, books, and bibles. They also set up pop-up stores for special events and Lifehouse merchandise.

Venue Managers:
Are familiar with the Layout of church venue for easy use of operation teams. They also announce commencement of services, and ensure operation teams are ready for set up. They also facilitate security, cleanup, and reporting at the end of the day.

Next Steps:
A division of Welcome team, they create an environment to help facilitate people on their next steps as they journey with God.

Online Translation:
Using mobile phone apps and earphones, this team loves to use their language skills to translate the Sunday message into Spanish or Chinese.

Lifehouse Kids:
Creates an environment where children can receive the message and love of Jesus. Intentionally investing in the lives of children through an age appropriate program, worship, videos, skits, connect groups, greetings, games, and more

Kids English & Playgroup:
This group offers kids a chance to play and learn in English and families to have fellowship together.

Language Exchange:
Facilitates a fun and friendly space for people to be part of a positive exchange of languages for a mutually beneficial experience.

Being the first people our guests meet, this team welcomes guests with a smile, encouragement, and a personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message. This team loves people and has the ability to make them feel at home here at Lifehouse.

This is a division of the Welcome team; this team prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and ushering them to a seat or assisting them to the next steps corner. They also facilitate the tithes and offerings, and endevour to maintain a distraction-free environment.

Utilizes the gift of administration by preparing gift packs, flyers, and communion for in service distribution. They also assist in appropriate placement of signage.

Expressing hospitality through serving people drinks, this team takes care of café business with efficiency and style. By putting a warm drink in people’s hands this team makes people feel warmly included in the family.

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