Blessed, not taihen + Connect Groups

Posted: 2022-05-28

We hope you have had a great week…it’s crazy to think that next Sunday will be the first Sunday of June…the year is going fast! With June starting soon it means Connect Groups will be back too. But quickly we want to encourage you off the back of last week’s message “Makarios for the Meek“.

Shiva shared from John 13, Jesus washing the disciples feet before he was crucified. Jesus was confident in the authority God had given him, he was confident in who he was called to be, so he had no problem in doing something “low” to serve others. After explaining this heart to serve to his disciples, and telling them to do the same, Jesus says this:

(John 13:17 NIV) Now that you know these things, you will be blessed (makarios) if you do them.

When we stay humble, follow Jesus example, and have a heart to serve, we are blessed and happy to serve. We don’t serve with a taihen (it’s so hard) attitude at church, we serve with joy that we can use the gifts and time God has given us to play a part in sharing His good news with the people around Kyushu together. If you want to join us in makarios serving, we would love to help you find how you can use your gifts to serve as well. Finishing the Grow Course will give plenty of suggestions.

If you are not part of a Bible Connect Group, a place where you can make friends with church family and learn about living out our faith, this is the best time to join! All of our groups are online, so it doesn’t matter where in Kyushu you live because you will be able to jump in. We would love to help you find the best group for you, so go to or talk to us in-person at church.

We have our June in-person services booked in for Fukuoka (register here). Whether we see you at one of these services or you join online we hope you’re blessed as we continue the Be😊Attitudes.

Fletcher & Yuumi



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