In the midst of this pandemic, God has shown us so many miracles and new ways to outreach through our online services. From 2020 to 2021, God has expanded our reach and we now have 50 plus campuses all across the globe.

Our online viewership has increased tremendously to conservatively 10,000 viewers on average, and we have seen people touched, changed, and make decisions to be baptized. This amazing outcome has undoubtedly been the result of your generous support. Focusing on Heart for the Dream Team means all our campuses can make the technical upgrades they’ve been dreaming of, enhancing the online experience and providing a higher quality production, operation, and practical service.

Life will never quite make sense until we find, develop, and fulfill our God-given purpose. For this reason, Dream Teams are an integral part of Lifehouse Church. They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of faith—a place where people can come and experience God in a fresh way, and discover their purpose. Therefore Heart for the Dream Team is excited to provide quality tools, equipment, and training to the many and varied teams, and their God inspired projects.

We really believe that we can see God do even more in our nations as we partner together and take this opportunity to step up the quality of our services and share the good news of Jesus in a relevant way to our increasingly varied and growing demographics.

We really celebrate and appreciate your generosity!