Helping in Crisis

When our eyes see the needs of our neighbors, Jesus' words come to mind, “love your neighbor as yourself.” We want to help, but the needs seem so great, how can we help? Here is an opportunity for us to collectively give to the following nations in crisis:




We will collaborate with our Lifehouse Teams locally on 3 short term projects.

  1. Giving 2 meals per day to 150 families in Bangalore and Chennai who are struggling due to the lockdown.
    Project Cost: US$1 / meal per day.
    Total project cost: US$4200

  2. Distributing masks & safety kits to 300 Police & Government staff in Trichy. Many are going to work without masks or PPE.
    Total project cost: $140

  3. Supporting 15 regional pastors and their families with food and basic necessities. Project Cost: US$1 / meal per day.
    Total project cost: $2700


Lifehouse Crisis Relief Manila 1

Together with our partners at Muntinlupa Gospel Church, we will provide food and other necessities to low income families who have not received government assistance and cannot afford to buy food due to extended Covid-19 lockdowns.

With US$30 we can support one family for one month with supplies of rice and eggs. For US$1350 we can support 15 families for 3 months with supplies of rice and eggs.


Lifehouse Crisis Relief Myanmar 3

Partnering with House of Bread, we will support families in crisis with essential food and food supplies.

  1. Rice bag: US$20 per bag

  2. Cooking oil + Onions + Beans + Eggs + others (US$10)

For US$900 we can support 30 families in need during this time.

Lifehouse Crisis Relief India 6
Lifehouse Crisis Relief Manila 2
Lifehouse Crisis Relief Manila 3
Lifehouse Crisis Relief Myanmar 2
Lifehouse Crisis Relief Myanmar 1

How You Can Help

You can designate giving to one or all of the above projects. Undesignated gifts will be allocated to the project with the greatest need. You can give via this link:

Credit / Debit Card Giving: Choose your local campus and choose > ‘Crisis Relief’ (You can also specify the the area if you’d like in the notes as ‘India’ ‘Manila’ ‘Myanmar’)

Bank Transfer: Please indicate your giving area in the name / memo area > ‘Crisis Relief’ (or you can specify ‘India’ ‘Manila’ ‘Myanmar’)

Tejas Asia , Hope School Lunch Time


Tejas Asia is a leading registered non-profit organization fighting global poverty based out of New Delhi, India.

Through the Tejas Hope school community based model, they can run quality educational programs that prepare underprivileged children for the government school entrance exam. The result is that children are rescued from the streets; protecting them from child labor and giving them “a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11



‘Watoto’ means “children.” Its mission is to Rescue, Raise, and Rebuild the lives of children who find themselves in the most desperate of circumstances.

A place like no other, Watoto Village is a colorful collection of neat houses among immaculately tidy streets. Under the watchful eye of a loving house mother, these homes house up to eight precious children, most of which were found abandoned in the trash, latrines, or hidden under bushes, or left at church or hospital doorsteps. From the moment these babies arrive in the village, Watoto does all that they can to provide them with every opportunity to become great. Watoto sees this as a child’s entitlement. Your sponsorship provides opportunities to help rebuild these children’s lives.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27 NLT

Watoto Kids


Other missions are one-off church-to-church projects where a need comes out of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, such as natural disasters or war.