How To Prosper in 2021: Feed Yourself with God’s Word!

Posted: 2020-12-23

Hello everyone! How have you been? I want to share my journal with you today.

Here’s a verse that reminded, and encouraged me: In Psalm 1:2-3 ERV it says, 2 Instead, they love the Lord’s teachings and think about them day and night. 3 So they grow strong, like a tree planted by a stream— a tree that produces fruit when it should and has leaves that never fall. Everything they do is successful.

It reminded me how important journaling is. But before I talk about the importance of journaling, I want to encourage you first  In verse 2, it says “they LOVE the Lord’s teachings”.

Talking to God—reading His word (journaling!)—is a product of our love for God.

In the past, when I hadn’t journaled for a long time, I’d feet very guilty. I couldn’t even open my bible. But hey! Love isn’t a product of pressure. We don’t journal just because our leaders reminded us, we journal because we love God!

And it’s OK to go back anytime! You can go back anytime.  God is patiently waiting for you! In the MSG version of the same verse, (Psalm 1:2), it was mentioned “CHEW on Scripture day and night.” Chew?! Hmm what else do we chew? —oh, food! And food helps us grow (physically!) This is the importance of journaling —it helps us grow spiritually! Now take a pause for a moment and think of the things you have been feeding yourself lately. Does it help you grow healthy? If you will ask me, I had fed myself with stress at work.

And it’s clear that it wasn’t healthy! But after reading God’s word, I felt so refreshed! So are the things bothering me at work totally gone? Not at all! Because as a person capable of feeling emotions, worries and stress will keep coming back to challenge us.

But clearly, there is a HUGE difference after reading God’s word! I became MORE hopeful, MORE patient and MORE understanding. There are things that I cannot do (such as extending my patience beyond the limit ) but God can! And just like it was written in the verses I shared, the person who love the Lord’s teachings will prosper in everything they do. Feed yourself with God’s word and you will prosper!

Lifehouse Manila Blog Team


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