🍳10 Questions PAN-DE-MIKE Asked Himself”🗣

🍳10 Questions PAN-DE-MIKE Asked Himself”🗣

Are you using soap in your baptisms?
(meaning, ”Are you remembering to wash your hands?”)


Being a superhero, I get asked a lotta questions!
If I get asked a lotta questions, I won’t have much time to dedicate to my battle against viruses ya know.😢

So, this time, I’ve made a list of commonly asked questions, asked them to myself, and answered by myself.Alrighty,
let’s do this!😎

①First of all, what are you?🤔
Me? I’m me.

②How old are you?🤟
Ever since the time I repelled 10,000 viruses, I overcame the obstacle of age.

③What star system are you from?🌎
I dunno what star system I’m from, but it’d be nice to be a star one day.

④What’s your favorite food? 🍚
Locusts and honey.

⑤Do you have any hobbies?🕺🏻
Fighting viruses and stepping only on the white lines when I cross the road.

⑥What in the world do you do to fight viruses?🦠
When I discover viruses, I hit ’em – POW – with all my might. Then I rock ’em, WHAM. After that, I go BOOM and it’s a wrap.

⑦What’s your secret to get so much love from the kids? 👶🏻

⑧Are you human?🙋🏻‍♂️

⑨What do you plan on doing next?💨
Just as we know not where the wind comes from and where it goes, I am the same.

⑩Who do you respect?🧔🏻
It’s not a person, but I respect the earth. Dirt and sand, basically.

Finally, a word for all the children watching this!
I’m always full of energy!
When I was 4, my dream was to be a virus-busting HERO!
Guys, have a dream!
My dream made ‘just PAN-DE-MIKE’ into ‘THIS PAN-DE-MIKE’ you’re seeing now.

And that’s it for my corner! Did ya have fun?
I’ve got more fun content in store for next time!See ya later!

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