Are you ready for it? (part 5)

Posted: 2018-08-09

Are you ready for it?

What are you expecting & what can you expect from Conference this August? Why don’t you hear from some Lifehouse friends around the globe.

Kotomi from Lifehouse Yokohama

What are you most excited for for conference?
It’s actually my first time going to Lifehouse conference this year so I’m really stoked for everything. But mainly just being able to worship together with one huge family of God, hearing from the guest speakers, and meeting people from all over.
What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you?
Facing and overcoming the greatest challenges.
What sort of breakthrough are you seeking for in your season now?
Since I’m almost done with school and moving on to job hunting, I’m praying that in this season I’ll be able to grow spiritually so that I’ll have something encouraging to share with the people who’ll be going through the same season in the future.
What are you expecting God to do during conference?
A HUGE vision. Something that stretches my limits and knowledge, but challenging enough so that until I’ve reached that vision. I’ll have enough amazing testimonies and stories to share and also grow much.
Any message for people who have never been to conference?
Well since it’s also my first time as well, I just want to get crazy, be open-minded, empty my jar and be able to receive everything God has to offer.


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