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Hey guys! It’s Pan De Mike!🍳

I wanna introduce a new series to y’all: Dreams and Visions🙌

2021 is finally here!
So I interviewed people about their Dreams and Visions😁

Let’s start this awesome series off with Kanae’s story!

This year, she’s gonna enter the workforce for the first time.
She talked to me about her new job and her dream and vision for the church.😆

Alright, let’s start the party!!!

🍳: Pan De Mike
👩🏻: Kanae

🍳: Okay, first question!
What was your dream when you were younger?

👩🏻: I don’t remember my dream when I was little but when I was in middle school,
I became interested in a TV-related job!
I joined a Broadcasting Club and we produced a TV program and a radio program.
Due to that experience, I thought I want to have a job that will let me make programs that can move a person’s heart.

And actually this April, I’ll be working for an advertising company!!!😆

🍳: Whoaaah! You produced radio and TV programs?
You’re sooo creative!! I respect ya!😂

So will you like, make posters and leaflets for the advertisement??

👩🏻:Well, of course those are advertisements too but actually,
I’m really passionate for planning events and coming up with new ideas and projects!!

And my passion is actually related to my Dream and Vision now!!

🍳: What?? I didn’t know planning and communicating are part of advertising too!
Well now, let’s move on to our main topic!!

Can you please tell me your Dream and Vision?😆

👩🏻My Dream and Vision is to spread love all over the world through my job!!

🍳: Woooh! That’s such a good vision! But what exactly do you mean by spreading love?

👩🏻: When I first became a Christian, I learned that God loves me unconditionally.
So, I also want to love the way God loves!
So I thought really hard and of course, I prayed and asked God:

“What can I do?”

“What am I good at?”

And during that time, I remembered my experience with the Broadcasting Club in middle school.

I realized, “Ah. I love making things! I love communicating!”
So I strongly thought,
“Then, this time, I won’t just make something for myself,
I want to make something good for the society!”

🍳: I see!  What a great story!
So your decision to love others the way God loves and your passion matched!
Well, I really wanna know this. What kind of project can spread love to the world?🤔

👩🏻: “A restaurant that makes a mistake about the orders.”

🍳: “Uhmmm. What???”

👩🏻: “Well, what do you think of a restaurant that makes a mistake about the orders?😏

🍳: Wait a minute Kanae!
A restaurant is a place where you can eat what you want to eat.
So if they mess up your orders, that’s pretty bad right?

👩🏻: Well, if it’s an ordinary restaurant, that will be really bad.
But the job of advertising is to turn seemingly negative things into positive things and to relay that message!

Why do you think did they mess up the orders?

🍳: Weeelll😐 perhaps the waitress is forgetful??

👩🏻: Exactly!! The people who work in this restaurant has dementia. So the concept of this shop is…

🍳: Wait, what???
Is there really a restaurant like this?

👩🏻: Yup! It’s in Tokyo! In that resto, the workers have dementia.

The concept of the restaurant is “From time to time, we might give you the wrong dish by mistake but why don’t we create an environment that can be forgiving towards such mistakes?”
That restaurant sends a powerful message that we should be a more forgiving society.
I was really attracted to the message that since people with dementia might find it hard to adapt to the society, the society should be the one to make it an adaptable and accepting society for them.
Also, I think you can learn a lot, not by eating the food you ordered, but by seeing how we can work together like this!

🍳: Whoah this is absolutely amazing! So this is what it means to spread love all over the world!! Now I want to be a more compassionate person too!!

👩🏻: Thanks, Pan De Mike!✨
I think this restaurant has moved the hearts of so many people!
I also wanna do a job like that! I also wanna use that concept of advertising for the church.

🍳: Well, can you please share that with us too, Kanae?

👩🏻: I became a Christian abroad and over there, the church is close to the people and vice versa. But in Japan, religion is seen as a scary thing so I want to change that mindset too!!

🍳: Riiight! A friend of mine had the same mindset so when he came to church, he was sooo surprised!

👩🏻: “Honestly,I was the same too!  I didn’t really know much about it and it felt so distant from me so Christianity had such a scary image.                                  But I found out that that’s not the case at all!

At church,there’s a program for kids and the youth. And Lifehouse Youth’s YouTube live is broadcasted every week and it’s really great!!”

(🍳By the way,you can find the link to Lifehouse Youth below.)

👩🏻I also want to come up with ways to make the church a comfortable place for people to go to!  And of course,I want to use all my gifts to help my beloved church. So in order for me to do that,I want to learn a lot from my new work!!

🍳: Ahhh because you know what your gifts are,you’re able to take more and more steps!                                                     I really respect you in that aspect!!

By the way,what do you think do you need for such a big vision?

👩🏻: Well,definitely my friends!

I couldn’t be where I am right now if not for the people who have been with me.
I’m so grateful to be a part of this team!

🍳: That’s so true.

If we do something together,we can come up with something great!  But also,if there’s a lot of people that means there’s a lot of opinions too,right?

Isn’t it hard to find the middle ground?

👩🏻: Of course, everybody has different values so there are also complicated matters.
But even during those times, we try to find the middle ground and we learn to respect each other and make great things!
After practicing and spending time on a project, I can just feel the energy and the sense of accomplishment overflow when we finish something.
It always makes me think that I’m so glad we did it together.
I really love the time when we can share our ideas and work well with each other.

🍳: I see!! If you give time and talk over things, you can make something really good! I learned something today!!
Well, were there ever times when you felt like you wanna give up your Dream and Vision?

👩🏻: Of course!!
When I was looking for a job, I felt really anxious if I could really make it.
I thought it might be such a big dream. Also, I still don’t know where I’ll be assigned so there were times when I thought,

“What if I don’t fit in that place?”

“Would it be a good environment?”

I had a lot of worries.

🍳: I totally get it!
Since it hasn’t really happened, you feel anxious if it can really happen.
So how did you overcome those times?

👩🏻: A verse from the Bible spoke to me!
“No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life.
As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Joshua 1:5

When I read this verse, I received confidence that God will really protect me as I walk in the path He set for me.
I really wanna trust God and continue to take steps of faith towards that path!

🍳: Ahhh God’s Word is really timely, right??
Since we have a God who will always support us, there are no scary things!!

Well, it’s time to close this interview.
Can you please give some encouragement to those who want to find their own Dream and Vision?

👩🏻: Sure!!
Number 1: Pray First!
Number 2: Journalling: it’s the best tool to connect with God!!💕

You can pray about anything!!
For example, “Tell me what You will do for me!” Or “Please give me a chance to grow my dream!” Surely,
God will listen!!

As for me, I always pray, “Please use me for Your plan.”☺️
So now, I’m in this path!

Maybe the first chance to come is not what you’re expecting and you might feel disappointed.
But as you go along, you’ll be able to come closer to what you want to do!!
So first, make sure to listen to God’s voice!
Also, I really encourage you to try a simple prayer.

Know that it’s okay if you don’t really know what you want to do yet.
When you keep talking to God, I’m sure you’ll get a hint!☺️

🍳: Such great advice!! I also wanna pray more!! Kanae, thank you so so so much!!

Everyone, aren’t you just so encouraged??
Well, this is the end of the interview!!
Be excited for the next one too, ok? See y’all!!

Thanks for reading the blog y’all! I’ll be waiting for your likes and comments!!
Before I say goodbye, I wanna introduce to you Lifehouse Church Osaka.I usually appear in their programs!


Thanks for reading the blog y’all! I’ll be waiting for your likes and comments!!
Before I say goodbye, I wanna introduce to you Lifehouse Church Osaka.I usually appear in their programs!

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