Great Things Can Happen Around A Meal!

Posted: 2019-11-30
Christmas Chicken Dinner

On October the 22nd, the new Emperor celebrated his enthronement ceremony with many royal families, from around the globe, gathering together to mark this momentous occasion with an extravagant feast.
Chicken wings and pizza became the food choice of champions in the changing rooms, when the South African rugby team celebrated their recent victory in the world cup.

Whenever there is a special occasion – good food is usually close by.
That’s because a meal is so much more than nutrition.
Meals can mark moments of celebration, display a heart of generosity, bestow blessing, build community and create connection!


The Bible is also full of stories of meals that mark significant moments.
Take the time that Jesus preaches to the crowd, miraculously multiplies a boys lunch … and they eat!
Or the time a crooked tax collector trying to see Jesus from a tree has a life-changing encounter with Jesus, he climbs down … and they eat!
Then there’s the first time Jesus meets with his disciples after a resurrection, he makes a fire, barbeques some fish and bread … and they eat!

Great things can happen around a meal!

Christmas Dinner

This is why we are celebrating the Christmas season at Lifehouse with a special lunch party, along with many other great moments throughout December, for you to invite guests.

Christmas is an incredible opportunity for us to invite people to church. This can be especially true for a bustling city like Tokyo, where many people crave community and connection. We can invite them to hear the Good News about Jesus and to be part of our church family celebrations! This is, after all, the big heart behind the Christmas story.

(John 3:16) God so loved the world, that he gave His only son

Jesus came so that we could be part of His family.
Let’s view our December events, not simply as calendar fillers, but moments where miracles can happen!

Here is what you and your guests can look forward to: (Plus – Christmas presents for kids!)

Christmas events

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