Interview with Samuel & Haruna -Dating-

Hey, guys! It’s PAN-DE-MIKE!

Today is part 5 of the ”Summer Love” series!

Today, I interview Samuel and Haruna, a chill and warm-hearted couple. They work tirelessly, giving their all into the areas most people might not catch! Alright, let’s get this show on the road!!


:fried_egg:: First off, why don’t you tell me how you guys fell for each other?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: We both served on the media team at church, and we started talking to each other. But…it took me 2 years to work up the courage to invite her for coffee.

:fried_egg::T, two years? Why the long wait, man?

:boy::skin-tone-2::I’d never had much experience talking with women and I didn’t really know how to engage with them. But, being the leader of the media team and all, I figured I’d start off by talking about team stuff.

But, since I couldn’t really make much conversation beyond that, I asked some married couples at church what I should do!

The following week, after getting advice, I found Haruna when she was serving at church alone and finally worked up the courage to invite her to coffee!

:woman::skin-tone-2:: I didn’t know Samuel wasn’t good at talking with women.

Since we’d spent so much time practicing graphic design and going out to eat together, I really wanted him to invite me out to coffee!

But, since that time never came, I was on the verge of giving up. So I was happy that Samuel finally invited me out for coffee!

:fried_egg::It’s great to get to know each other by serving on the same team at church! What made you fall for each other?

:boy::skin-tone-2::She was my type of woman.

She had an amazing smile, I loved seeing her serve at church, we could talk about graphic design together, we got along really well, and we felt comfortable with each other.

:woman::skin-tone-2:: Samuel’s a hard worker, and no matter what happens, he never lets anger take away his smile. Plus, he’s easy to talk to and makes nice company.

:fried_egg:: Huh, huh. It’s really important to feel comfortable with each other!
So when it you guys decided to date officially, what’d ya talk about?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: We talked about family, about our visions for the future, and if I intended to stay here in Japan.

Above all, though, we talked about sharing Jesus with family and leading them to salvation.

:woman::skin-tone-2:: We saw dating as a premise for marriage, so, like Samuel said, we gave our relationship serious thought.

:fried_egg:: So not just enjoying the present, but looking ahead was also important for you!Alright, lastly, during your dating period, was there anything you looked out for?

:boy::skin-tone-2:We wanted to stay pure before marriage, so we discussed that with each other!
Especially being a guy, I thought it was best to set boundaries!

:woman::skin-tone-2:: Yeah, we decided to talk seriously about setting boundaries.

:boy::skin-tone-2:: We also discussed this with our parents. It was hard to stay pure at times, but I’m glad we could work together to make it happen!

:fried_egg:: Ohhh I gotcha! Making the decision to stay pure is an important part of building a Godly marriage! Also, it’s important to enjoy your dating phase!

I learned something new!

Well, that’s it for today, folks!

Next time, I’ll be interviewing them about their married life!

See ya next time!

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