Interview with Samuel & Haruna -Marriage Life-

Hello everyone, it’s me Pandemike!:laughing:

Today we’ll be telling our fifth story in our Summer Love Series!

Today’s interview candidates are a married couple who have a very relaxed, calm and peaceful atmosphere about them. Give it up for Samuel and Haruna!

Let’s get this interview started!


:fried_egg:When did you guys start to think about getting married??

:boy::skin-tone-2:I started to think about marrying Haruna after I saw that she remained pure and continued to trust and love God, even though she was going through a difficult time. Also, we both had the same vision for serving God through multimedia.

:woman::skin-tone-2:I was most comfortable whenever I was around Samuel. Samuel would always put God first, have a pure heart before God and could easily forgive others.

He was never angry even though there were many times I was late for our dates. Even if we fought we would reconcile with each other quickly.

I felt that I could always enjoy being with him no matter what we did.

:fried_egg:Has your impression of each other changed since you got married?

:boy::skin-tone-2:Not at all!
I love her as much as God loves me!
Also, she really loves me.

:fried_egg:Ah-HA! I see!

:woman::skin-tone-2:My impression of him has somewhat changed.

While we were dating, I only saw his strengths and felt that he was like my knight in shining armor. After getting married, I could see his weaknesses and see that there were things that could annoy him.

This made me feel slightly relieved.
I’m really glad that we are able to help each other in our weaknesses.

:fried_egg:I see, so there was a change in impression with you, Haruna.

While interviewing you guys, I can really feel your attraction towards each other! You guys are really amazing!

Alright, next question!

Was there any funny or interesting things that happened to you guys?

:boy::skin-tone-2:Well, whenever she would tell me “I’ll tell you after 5 minutes”,

 it would end up being a few hours later or even the next day.

She needs time to think about things and there are times she would spend time in the room on her own, thinking.

 There was a time, she was taking too much time alone in the room and I started to feel worried about her.

But when I peeked, she was just sleeping peacefully.

:fried_egg:That’s really funny.

:woman::skin-tone-2:As for me, Sam would often cook without looking at the recipe.

He is the kind of person that goes by taste rather than measurements, so there were times when his food was extremely salty!

However his food is usually delicious.

By the way, he would often come up with his own original cooking, so we have dubbed his original works as “Sam’s masterpieces”.

:fried_egg:I definitely have to try out some of Sam’s masterpieces sometime!

Were there any issues or difficulties that you had as a married couple?

:boy::skin-tone-2:After we got married, we would fight for the first few months because we still hadn’t figured out how to separate our household duties.

:woman::skin-tone-2:Yeah, we would get into an argument once a week…

:boy::skin-tone-2:As for me, I put too much pressure on myself as I believed that ‘Men should lead’.

:woman::skin-tone-2:…And we would often argue because of that, causing Sam to fall ill due to the pressure he has placed upon himself.

During that time, there were times I wondered if I was really the right person for Sam. However during that time, through my journaling with God, God revealed to me that I have to love myself before I can truly love others, and that we need each other, so I should be more confident in myself.

Since then, I started to value myself more and could love Samuel from the bottom of my heart and begin to trust and be open and honest with him.

:boy::skin-tone-2:I also felt God telling me that husbands and wives are meant to love each other and help each other.

This meant that I shouldn’t have blamed my imperfect self or try to solve our problems by myself. Instead, I should have tried my best to be open and honest with Haruna, and openly communicate what was on my mind.

Since then, I had been free from the pressure that I’ve placed on myself.

:fried_egg:Even though you both have talked about a lot of things before marriage, you both still had fights.

However, you both heard from God and were able to overcome all sorts of challenges! A marriage centred in God is really amazing.

What is your vision from here on out?

:boy::skin-tone-2:We both have a vision to communicate God’s word through multimedia to reach even more people.

We believe that we can use each other’s strengths to work in multimedia together.
For that reason, we want to make opportunities to offer our knowledge and skills to serve God.

We also have a passion to support those with financial needs.

:fried_egg:That’s really amazing! Additionally, during the Pandemic, the need for communication using multimedia has really increased. 

For the next question; What do you think a God centred marriage looks like?

:boy::skin-tone-2:A God centred marriage is really amazing, I and Haruna are both showered with His love.
Even if there are disagreements and we end up arguing with each other, through journaling, obeying God’s word and prayer, we both can apologise to each other after each fight.

A marriage focused on God is the best type of marriage.

:woman::skin-tone-2:Whenever we fought, when I was stuck in a rut looking for work and even when I faced difficulties, our views and opinions would align because we journaled, prayed and knew God’s word.

God always helps us to overcome our problems! 

Because God is our mediator, we can rely on God and talk about anything with each other.

:boy::skin-tone-2:We can support each other like this bible verse:

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

:fried_egg:That’s really amazing! I too want to have a God centred marriage!

Lastly, for those who are single or not yet married, do you have any words of encouragement for them?

:boy::skin-tone-2:To the guys, always pray in regards to your future partner, be planted in a community connect group at church and be brave and ask her out for coffee.

Don’t assume that going out for coffee time is the same as dating, but instead casually talk about each other’s interests, likes and dislikes and vision for the future.

Especially for shy guys like myself, if you have someone on your mind that you’re interested in, don’t just keep it to yourself, talk to a church leader or married couple that you can trust about it!

You will definitely be able to get good advice and help to carry out the next step in your relationship with your special someone.

:fried_egg:That’s really good advice! Isn’t it great that we have lots of leaders in church that we can trust and support us!

:woman::skin-tone-2:Christian marriages are really really good. To those who are looking to get married, firstly, I recommend being bold and talk with the opposite gender.

Also, having a very casual and relaxed coffee time for the first time is a good idea! However, if you decide to date, it should be on the premise of getting married in the future.
Just a personal opinion.

Whenever you face difficulties, without blaming your other half, always pray, journal and seek God’s help!

If girls are able to boldly approach guys, even shy guys can easily open up! I really appreciate the both of you taking time for this interview.

:fried_egg:I have really been encouraged.
I look forward to what kind of interview the next one will be!

That’s all for today!
See you next time!

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