More thankful, More Love

Do you hear these voices around you?
“The good old days…”
“When we got married…”
“Now a days, I don’t even…”
“I don’t feel the love anymore…”
What’s changed?
What’s lost now?
After getting married, several years later, you tend to loose “gratitude”.
You start to take everything for granted.
There’s really nothing special about your wife being at home, having homemade food served.
everything becomes so normal-
Remember those days when you use to come home early and
your wife is making dinner for you?
You would say “Thank you! It’s delicious!”
When have you told them you are thankful?
Are you grateful for what they’ve been doing to you?
Maybe it wasn’t that person that changed.
Maybe it was you who changed.
Let’s say a simple “Thank you.”
Let’s say it today to someone.
This will be a simple but a big step for today.