PAN-DE-BLOG has started!

Nice to meet you. 🍳

Are you you using soap in your baptisms (which means, ‘are you remembering to wash your hands?’).


I bring laughter and positive stories to every one.
I’m a superhero!

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to all kinds of things!

The theme for the remainder of 2020 is…

①Love and marriage❤️
②Why did you become a Christian?🤔
③Tips on staying positive in the pandemic😉

I’m gonna interview people about these and share them with you!

And, I’ll be uploading other positive stories and videos to uplift you!

If you read my blog, I guarantee that even in this pandemic, you’ll feel positive, cheerful vibes!

And! If you’ve got a theme you want me to cover, or any kind of request, feel free to drop a comment🖥️

Without further ado, as I’m sure there’s lots of questions you must have about me, I decided to write and answer these questions myself!

They’ll be in the next post, so be sure to read!

See ya next time!

** You can ask me questions online every week😊
Even if you’re not a Christian, feel free to ask!

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We hold
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//bilingual service at 11:30AM
// Japanese service (English subtitles) at 3PM.

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