Shogo’s Salvation Story

Hey everyone〜 It’s me! Pan de Mike〜:fried_egg:

Today we are gonna continue with our series on salvation! Why did you decided to receive Jesus?

What are some of the changes you have experienced since receiving Jesus?

Are some of the questions I’m gonna ask today!

So without further ado, let’s get in to the interview of our super good-looking, always serving on the media team with a sincere attitude champion, Mr Shogo!!

Let’s go!

:fried_egg:: Pan de Mike
:boy::skin-tone-2:: Shogo

:fried_egg:: Before receiving Jesus, what kind of person were you?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: I was pretty much a closed hearted person. In order to make sure that nobody could take advantage of me I treated everyone with suspicion. I tried to live in a way that would avoid conflict and avoid people getting angry at me.

:fried_egg:: Is that so?! That’s amazing! Looking out you now I would never be able to imagine that you use to be like that!

So before it seemed like there was a bit of darkness inside you?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: That’s right, and also, I was always looking for perfection in other people even though a person like that doesn’t exist. Even if I found someone who I thought was a good person, at the same time I would notice one of their bad points and think, “ah this person isn’t actually perfect after all, I wonder if I can really find someone who I can respect?” So I eventually gave up

:fried_egg:: Ahhh, I see I see I see, it’s certainly true that a perfect person doesn’t exist now do they.

So, how did you first learn about Jesus?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: I had a friend at university who was a Christian, and he was someone who I could respect.

We went on a trip together to Singapore, and there my friend told me that he was going to go to church, so I asked him to bring me along too.

:fried_egg:: In Singapore?! So the first church you ever went to was in Singapore!

By the way, don’t you think that the Merlion in Singapore looks just like me?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Whatchu on about??

:fried_egg:: My bad

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Anyway, continuing my story, the church that I went to in Singapore had a atmosphere really similar to Lifehouse.

The pastor was also a really cool guy.

After church we had planned to go to the zoo so the pastor actually took us there in his car.

I thought that there were a lot of people who I could respect at church.

Later on it turned out that my friend was also friends with Marina, and they invited me to Lifehouse Osaka.

:fried_egg:: Amazing! Through that connection you were able to find Lifehouse Osaka!

So from then we’re you able to quickly receive Jesus?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Gradually I was able to believe in Jesus, receive him, and get baptised. And even though this was all new to me, I was never once influenced by my past or by my parents religion.

Thats because by meeting Jesus, I was finally able to meet the only person who was completely perfect!

The thing that I had been searching for this whole time was Jesus!

:fried_egg:: Ooooooh! You were finally able to find what you had always been looking for! Isn’t that wonderful Mr Shogo!

So what about after receiving Jesus? After some time went by did you start to notice any changes in yourself?

:boy::skin-tone-2:I was able to become more open to people, and there were a lot more times that I would start a conversation with someone.

:fried_egg:: You were able to become more open! That is most definitely a good thing! What do you think was the reason that you were able to become more open?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Just by being around people who had also received Jesus, I found myself naturally being able to become more open. Thinking about it now, I think that Jesus’ love was able to flow from those people to me, which helped open me up.

:fried_egg:: Really! There are already so many good things flowing from those who have received Jesus!

Do you think that your parents were surprised after you had become much more of an open person?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Hmmmm, well my parents are both Buddhists, so when I told them that I had decided to follow Jesus I think that my decision was frowned upon.

Even before becoming a Christian, my parents and I weren’t super close, we didn’t have a relationship where we could talk about anything.

But since becoming a Christian, my heart was able to become more open, so I would start conversations with my parents more often, and in turn, they also started to start conversations with me more.

Now, I still can’t say that the relationship with them is “good”, however the relationship with my father has definitely improved!

:fried_egg:: Wow that’s awesome! You just said some super great things! By becoming more open yourself, people around you were also able to become more open towards you!

Also I was wondering, from now on do you have any expectations of what God will do for your family’s relationship??

:boy::skin-tone-2:: Om expecting that God will help my family to become more healthy and open to each other.

I really want to be able to talk to them about serious things, and I want to be able to speak to them frankly and directly. Up until now it has never been like that.

Also I’m expecting that God will also help my family find salvation.

:fried_egg:: I see! There may still be some challenges ahead for you and your family, but I’m praying that your relationship will keep getting better and better!

So what does God mean to you?

:boy::skin-tone-2:To me, God is someone who is always close to me, and who will never separate from me. He helps me to grow, and is an amazing Father.

:fried_egg:: Oooooooh that’s great! God is awesome!

Have there been any times where you have had faith in God and he has delivered for you? Or times when God has helped you?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: There was a time when I was in Post-Graduate school doing research, and I felt like was mentally about to be destroyed.

I said, God! Please give me peace!

Even though I was in an especially tough situation, I was able to have a clean heart which led me to be able to proceed with a good attitude. For that I am incredibly grateful.

If I wasn’t a Christian, I absolutely no confidence that I would have been able to make it through those 5 years!

:fried_egg:: Ah! Because of God’s grace you were able to overcome the tough times you were having at Post-Graduate school!

Last of all, do you have any encouraging words for those people who haven’t received Jesus yet?

:boy::skin-tone-2:: I want you to experience the love of God. For that purpose I want you to try and read and take in the words of the bible, and accept Jesus into your heart.

By doing this, you will always be able to feel changes inside of you.

I want you to put aside the old image that you had of God, and start by just reading the words written in the bible and accepting them into your heart.

Don’t just take in the knowledge of the bible, but also the fact that God is your Father, and we can be part of the Family of Christ.

I was able to know of Gods love by reading the parable of the prodigal son, which can be found in Luke 15.

This actions in this story showed me just how huge God’s love is. I thought that if God loves me like that too then that’s awesome!

So you guys can also try attending a church! There will be a lot of people there you can respect.

:fried_egg:: Thank you so much Mr Shogo! I’m glad I could hear such a passion filled story!

Shogo who was once closed hearted towards people met Jesus who then opened his heart.

I look at Shogo, who was able to become more open to people around him and his family, and think, this guy is a champion!

Was everyone also encouraging by Mr Shogo’s story?

This series I’m gonna keep on going!

Until next time!

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