Stop, take a deep breath

Hey guys, it’s Pan de Mike🍳

「Grace during the pandemic」series! 🙌
Today we will be interviewing another person about the grace they experienced during this pandemic😁

Today’s interviewee is Wanda!
Born in Indonesia, and super popular amongst the kids, our very own Wanda!

I’m really looking forward to hearing what our bright powerful Wanda has to say🔥

Let’s go!!!!

🍳: Pan de Mike
👩🏻: Wanda

🍳:Righto, let’s get straight in to it!
Question number 1!
Have there been any changes to your life since before and after the pandemic?

👩🏻: I love to catch up with people and spend lots of time talking to them, so the fact that I suddenly wasn’t able to meet with people any more was a huge change for me😭

🍳:Ahhhhhh, I see.
I also like to talk a lot so I know how you feel😭

Was there anybody you missed in particular?

👩🏻:All of the friends that I use to meet at church on Sundays☺️
No matter what kind of week I was having, meeting with everyone on Sundays always made me so happy.

We would share things together and laugh together. It was the most fun part of my week🎉

I’m not really good at expressing my feelings through SNS, so I really missed meeting people directly😅

The place where I use to be able to share with others suddenly disappeared, so I started to feel pretty lonely.

🍳: Ah, it must have been hard to lose a place where you could speak freely with your friends.

But it sounds like you have a lot of good friends around you!

I guess it was also pretty lonely not being able to see me as much right?

👩🏻: …

🍳: Ah, never mind.

Moving on, during that time, how did you over come difficult challenges?

👩🏻: This bible verse really helped me.

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:20 NIV

This made me feel that I wasn’t alone. Jesus is always with me. I thought that if I was ever facing any difficulties, the first thing I should do is entrust it to God.

So I shared all of my problems and difficulties with God, and I asked Him to give me peace. 🌱

Every day my relationship with God grew stronger and stronger🔥

🍳: Bible verses are truly powerful!
It’s amazing that even when you can’t meet your friends, you still have someone you can talk to about everything✊

Have there been any changes to your friendship relationships?

👩🏻: Yeah there have been!

Whenever something happens I always talk about it with my friends. I usually tell them what happened directly without using super emotional words.

Now whenever I share something with God, first I pray about it, then I talk to him about it in the same way I talk to my friends. 🌱
I stop what I’m doing, take a deep breath, and then talk to God.

Through doing that I was able to start to see things from a more positive perspective, because Gods perspective is a positive one.
Then whenever I talked to my friends about what happened, I was able to talk to them from the same positive perspective✨
No matter what we were talking about, I felt that I was able to have a more positive impact on my friends💖

🍳: Ooooooh! That’s super awesome!!😆
It seems that taking a moment to calm down can relieve us from our over emotional feelings.

I learnt something new today~

Has there been anything in particular that you noticed a change in after you started applying these new actions?

👩🏻: Actually, at my work place there was an incident that was Corona related.

At that time I felt really uncomfortable. It was a pretty difficult time for me.
Not only was I scared, but I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about all that was happening around me.

But that was when I remembered the bible verse from before.

God is with you, so stop what you’re doing, and just breathe.

I wanted to share my situation and my feelings with God.

So I shared it all with Him, and then afterwards my heart felt at peace.

“For what purpose did God put me in this situation?”

“God, show me things through your perspective”

“Give me your wisdom God”

This is how I prayed.

And soon after praying, I was released from that difficult situation. 

🍳: Wow! That’s amazing!
So God put you in that situation all according to His purpose!

👩🏻: I really believe so!

And I realised how important prayer is.

The more I prayed, the more God answered my prayers, the more I felt God’s presence, the more I was able to see through God’s perspective, and the more I was able to see clearly the plan that He has for me.

One thing that I can say now with confidence is that thanks to the pandemic I’m stronger than I’ve ever been🔥💪

🍳: Woooooooow I can really feel your enthusiasm Wanda!
Lastly, do you have any words of encouragement for anyone who might also be going through a difficult time during the pandemic?

👩🏻: We might not always be able to understand everything that’s happening around us.
Because the situation is too tough we might not be able to always see what’s in front of us clearly.

So when that happens, I want you to stop, and take a deep breath.
Then just like I did, I want you to try telling everything to God❤️

Instead of judging everything that is happening around you, try to see what is happening from Gods’s perspective👀

Pray to God and ask him to show you the view that He wants you to see✨

I truly believe that God didn’t place you where you are without having a purpose for you💕

🍳: Looking at things through God’s perspective is definitely a fresh thought 👀
This pandemic season is a great season for us all to grow!

Prayer really is powerful!
Was everybody encouraged??
This is the last interview of this series!
Let’s look forward to the next series coming up!

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