Don’t lose to Corona! – Sexual Temptation

Posted: 2020-04-17

Don’t lose to Corona! – Sexual Temptation

Everyone, do you know that sex is a gift from God? Also, it is a truth that has been established since the world was created.

Sex is a gift only for a man and a woman within marriage.

During these times in which we cannot go outside, most of us are staying in our homes almost all of the time.

As we stay in our home, there may be times when you click something and see pornography or see an advertisement that could arouse your sexual drive. These kinds of things are everywhere nowadays, and you might be struggling to overcome it.

So if that’s you, let’s overcome sexual temptation!

For those saying, “Don’t think about it, it’s fine”, I want you to know that your time is valuable and your future is important.

I have written some points on how we can continuously win against sexual temptation.

1. Stop providing excuses

Even if you give excuses like, “Well, we are in this situation right now and I can’t really do anything about it” or, “It’s okay until the Coronavirus dies down and everything goes back to normal,” a loss is a loss. Also, don’t believe in lies such as, “I can’t win against myself.” You can win this fight.

2. Know that person’s value

Whether you use a medium or you think it in your head, the person that you use to satisfy your sexual desires is a unique person created by God. No one like him or her has ever existed before, nor will ever exist in the future, and he or she is a wonderful masterpiece of God.

3. Don’t easily accept that you have already lost

You haven’t lost yet when you start to feel like you want to do it or start to think about doing it.
In those times, instead of falling into the trap of sexual temptation by saying things like, “I just can’t do it- I lost”, let us choose to accept God’s help and win the fight.

4. Know the purpose of your eyes and mind

Whenever you look at pornography, you are destroying the purpose of your eyes and mind. God did not create them for things like that but rather to see the dreams and visions that He has given you.

5. Fight with friends of the same gender who share the same values

Don’t fight alone. Let’s encourage our friends who are also fighting the same battles. In Lifehouse Church there are groups using Zoom to bring encouragement to one another even when everyone is staying home.

6. Last, live with a vision

There are so many good things for the world that you can do while staying at home- so many things that will make you grow as a person, and so many things that will deepen your relationship with other people. However, watching pornography doesn’t connect to any of those and it destroys your life in just one click.

Also, there’s one more thing. God’s plan for marriage is that two will become one. That is one of the most incredible things that you can experience in your life. To experience that fully, we must overcome and win this fight today!

How was it?
If you’ve read this up to here, victory is just around the corner!

In the end, I will tell you the most important principle of victory- making Jesus your best friend.
The more you get close to Him, the more you want to live a pure life, have an overflowing vision for your life, and know the value of each person around you.

In one click, you can bring your life to destruction. But, similarly, in one click of believing in Jesus, you can turn your life around and move forward towards an amazing life. Hence, let us not click to pornography, but let us click to Jesus!

Maybe you are thinking that it’s already too late. It’s not. By making the decision to believe in Jesus, we are made new through Him and a new life has been given to us.

So everyone, let’s not lose to Corona!




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