Peacemaker 3: You are a Difference Celebrator

There once was a time in Japan’s history when it was closed off for 200 years. There were probably a bunch of reasons why, but I think one of them was fear. During those 200 years, instead of recognising and celebrating differences, the country closed in fear.

God created everyone, and loves each one of us. And what’s more, He made us to be literally one of a kind. So what should we do about that? Be afraid of the difference and close ourselves off? No way!

Celebrate the difference – that’s what we should do!

Just like the hand cannot be a foot or the eye cannot be an ear, just like the mouth needs the tongue, just like you can’t become the person in front of you, and just like I can’t become my wife… this world needs you. So let’s complement each other and celebrate each others’ differences – the beautiful differences that God has created!

Also, it’s time to start recognising and celebrating the difference in you! That nose, that mouth, the color of your skin, your language, hair color, personality… all of them are designed by God, and He saw them with His own eyes and called them all “good”.

Too hard? Maybe.

That’s why we need to hear the voice of God. The One who created us so well is the One who knows the true beauty of each of our differences. So let’s start to listen to that voice today.

How? It’s easy! Open the Bible, pray, “speak to me!”, and start reading – even if it’s just 1 line a day. He’ll speak to you.

And He’ll help you grow into a peacemaker who celebrates differences!