#For what reason are you living? – You won’t find a purpose for living on your own

Posted: 2021-04-16

After I graduated college, I was in America, alone and on my way to Haiti.

I told myself enthusiastically that I could do something amazing by myself without anyone’s help. However, on the first day I landed in Haiti I was put under the care of the UN. They took me to Japan’s Self-Defence Force, which was there in Haiti for emergency support after the mega earthquake in 2010, and they let me stay overnight in their camp. The next day I was brought to the Japanese Embassy and then I had to leave Haiti the next day lol.

So after that, I went to Miami because it was the closest place that I could go to. There I met Indonesian friends who helped me. We became great friends and I stayed there for about one year.

Even though I wasn’t able to do anything in Haiti, God taught me many things through that humiliating experience.
One thing I learned is that I live because I am helped. I also learned that to make a good difference in this world I need help.
If you live because you want to attain your own ambitions you might be able to live by yourself alone. Maybe you can even achieve a lot of great things, but that can only be applied to “you,” and only you.

The real purpose of life can only be found in living “together”. Because God said that people living alone is “not good” and that living together is “wonderful.”

Even if I start to sing Mi and just mi, no song will come out of it, right? But, that one mi in a song, sung with utmost confidence by itself, that mi will become the song’s pillar, and surely that song will touch someone’s heart.

You are an important piece to God’s song.
You are an important member in God’s team.
Even if you can’t see the entire song, today let’s make a sound, with full confidence, sing your part. Don’t worry about failing.

Not tomorrow but today. Let’s lend out a helping hand to someone and let us be helped by someone. Because that is going to be an important part of God’s song that changes and touches the people of this world.


‭‭Genesis‬ ‭2:18‬ NIV
“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone…””



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