Step 3: Pay your debts – A borrower is a slave of the lender

Our step for this time, if you describe it in terms of a video game, is like a Dragon Quest RPG where you level up when defeating a slime-like creature and defeating the last boss. That’s why you need to be prepared. But it’s something that you can definitely overcome! If you put sand in a plastic bag with holes, … Read More

Step 2: Making a basic emergency savings account

First, you’ll want to set aside 100,000 yen in case of an emergency, such as a car accident or the loss of your phone. This is also a good time to reconsider how you are using your credit card and whether you should purchase insurance for emergencies. In other words, this is the time when you should try to shift … Read More

Step 1. Plan for Money – Make a Monthly Budget

Hello everyone! Today let’s take the first step towards financial freedom! Do you have an idea of where your money always goes?   Do you know how much you are paying exactly for your house, for food, for investments, or for savings? Or, is it like the bubbles in a beer that disappears every month? Are there other people besides … Read More

7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Intro

If there was such a thing as “financial planning based on biblical wisdom”, wouldn’t you want to hear about it? Actually, the Bible teaches quite a lot about money. It warns us not to allow ourselves to be ruled by money, not to seek money first, or to think only about money. Instead, it tells us to live free of … Read More

#For what reason am I living? (Last) – Let’s have fun!

While living a good life, doing good things, working diligently every day, and being blessed by a great group of friends, we humans often forget one thing. To just go all out and have fun. Right now, I live together with an amazing wife and four unique and precious kids. I’m also blessed to have a job as a pastor … Read More

For what reason are you living? – You can live as yourself!

For example: no one can turn a “Mi” note into a “Doh” note. It doesn’t matter how good of a pianist you are or how much you play, a “Mi” note will still be a “Mi.” And just as a “Mi” was made as a “Mi,” you were made as you! And just like “Mi” makes the “Mi” sound, you … Read More

#For what reason am I living? – You no longer have to hide!

Up until the last blog, we looked at life as if it were cake, but from now, let’s look at life as if it were the note E (or “mi”)! When the note E is played, some people may notice something, and others may feel discomfort from the sound. But if there is no sound at all, nothing will be … Read More

Ten Years Since

This year, March 11th marks the tenth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. What kind of feelings are you experiencing as we reach this day? Personally, this day ten years ago, I was in Miami in America. The first thing my co-worker at my part-time job said to me in the morning was, “Hey! Is Japan alright?” That was … Read More

#For what reason am I living? – You have free will

In the last two parts of this series, I wrote about how everyone (yes, that includes you!) has Someone who created him/her as unique and valuable. Like a wonderful cake, you are made with extreme effort, purpose, and attention to detail, right down to the ingredients themselves. But today, I’d like to ask you to ponder this question! -So are … Read More