Youth Summer Camp

Time: August 27th, 2019 ~ August 30th, 2019

I understand that by signing this form, I agree to all the conditions and terms given by Lifehouse. I release Lifehouse and employees, parental and activity volunteers or chaperones from any and all liability of any kind, which may arise during or relating to the trip.

Waiver of liability, I hereby acknowledge that:

• The participation in any activities, sports, and trips shall be undertaken at my own risk.

Lifehouse, its servants, agents and employees, volunteers and chaperones shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or cause of action whatsoever to my association with Lifehouse.

• It is participants’ responsibility to look after their valuables and belongings. I understand that Lifehouse is not responsible for securing money and valuables which participants may bring to the event. Furthermore, I understand that Lifehouse assumes no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen, and/or damaged property and I hereby agree to release Lifehouse from such liability.

• All participants must sign up for a provided insurance for the event. Lifehouse is not responsible for any extra fees, which are not covered by the insurance provided. Pay extra attention when using fire during the activity.

• Prior to participating in the event, participants must notify Lifehouse of any allergic conditions that could potentially affect daily living (e.g. food allergy). Lifehouse will then inform any allergies and health conditions listed by the participants to the appropriate facilities and organizations, however, I understand that ultimately, it is participants responsibility to monitor it. Depending on the event, Lifehouse might advise the participant to refrain from participating in the event due to their health condition.

• After submitting the application, cancellation due to a personal reason will not be subjected to reimbursement of the fee. Even should the cancellation occur prior to submitting a payment, there might be a case where participants are subjected to pay the appropriate amount for the event fee. However, Lifehouse will work with travel agencies and other travel related organization to reimburse as much as fee possible.

• Lifehouse holds all the copyrights and access to any photos, videos taken at the event or photos given to Lifehouse by the participants. I hereby agree that Lifehouse may use medias taken at the event to be used on their official Website, Social Media and or at their church service.

• Personal information given to Lifehouse will be used to communicate with the participants for event information, or will be used to process any necessary paper works (including but not exclusive to traveling agency, and insurance company). Therefore, information might be shared to the third party for the sake of processing necessary paper works. Furthermore, while Lifehouse holds participants’ information, Lifehouse may send newsletters to the participants. I have read the terms and conditions listed above. I agree to the condition after thoroughly reading and fully understanding the terms above.


    Thank you!

    We look forward to seeing you at Summer Camp!