Why did you choose to believe in Jesus? (Haruka)

Why did you believe in Jesus?

Haruka tells us her story.



Q: Why did you decide to believe in Jesus?

A: Everyone I met at church was kind and glowing. I wasn’t very open with other people at the time, and I wanted to be like them. Then I found out that the reason why everyone was shining was because they believed in Jesus, so I decided to believe in Him too.


Q: Did it take courage to believe? How did it feel?

A: I wanted to try it out, but I hesitated because I knew I didn’t want it 100%. But then my friend told me that believing in Jesus is not about how much you believe or how much you know, but just that you want to believe even a little bit. Then I realized that believing in God is not about religion but a lifestyle of having a personal relationship with Him. I was really happy and I felt like a huge load was taken off of my shoulders. I realized that God accepted me the way that I was.


Q: What do you want to say to readers of this blog?

A: Believing in Jesus is not religion. It’s more casual, it’s fun, and full of joy and love. I want everyone to know that you can also become great friends with God too. 🙂


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