Why do you like Lifehouse Church?

Why do you like Lifehouse Church? なんでライフハウスチャーチが好きなの?

Pow tells us her thoughts!


Q: Why do you like Lifehouse Church?

A: Because of Lifehouse, I was able to get rid of the loneliness I felt when I moved to Japan, and I was able to make more friends here than I ever have before. I found out my strengths through serving in church, learned new skills and improved my skills too.


Q: Why do you come to church every week?

A: I don’t just go to church to hear the message, but I also think it’s important to praise God and build relationships at church!


Q: What are you expecting this week?

A: We will hear an amazing message, and even after the service we will be able to walk in the Holy Spirit’s power to take a step forward. We can apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives! That’s what I’m expecting!


See you next time!

Want to check out church? check the details here: Lifehouse Tachikawa Services