Are you ready for it? (part 4)

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for it?

What are you expecting & what can you expect from Conference this August? Why don’t you hear from some Lifehouse friends around the globe.

Noriko from Lifehouse Atsugi

What are you most excited for for conference?
To be able to worship and spend time with other Lifehouse members outside of Atsugi!

What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you? 
To go to the next level that God’s prepared for me. Not to be distracted by what’s in front of me, but continually pray and have faith that what’s ahead is amazing.

What sort of breakthrough are you seeking for in your season now?
To see Lifehouse Atsugi grow, not just 100 or 200 people, but to see salvation for all who live in Atsugi. We are also trusting for a church venue that is shockingly big.

What are you expecting God to do during conference? 
That everyone who is coming to conference gets breakthrough and that this impact reaches beyond us, with God moving in our families and friends too.

Any message for people who have never been to conference?
Just come and have a fun time. It’ll definitely be an amazing life experience and you’ll be able to make new friends. Let’s have fun together!