Are you ready for it? (part 2)

Are you ready for it?

What are you expecting & what can you expect from Conference this August? Why don’t you hear from some Lifehouse friends around the globe.

Kerry from Lifehouse Sendai

What are you most excited for for conference?
Roppongi Kebabs! Just kidding 😂😂
I’m most excited about worship. There is just nothing like it when we all come together and lift up the Name of Jesus. I’m believing powerful things are going to happen.
What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you?
To me, breakthrough is something that is growing or building up over time and suddenly bursts through that which previously contained it. That our unstoppable God is moving, stirring, and coming to break through with His love, with His grace and with His healing power.
What sort of breakthrough are you seeking for in your season now?
I’m seeking a breakthrough in my workplace- for revival!
What are you expecting God to do during conference?
God always surprises me, but I’m believing for lots of healing – especially of mental illness (anxiety, depression etc.)
Any message for people who have never been to conference?
Breakthrough is coming! Buckle up!