If You Are Faithful to Sow it, He is Faithful to Grow it 

Sunday, 8. November 2020

Luke 8:40-42 TPT

When Jesus returned to Galilee, the crowds were overjoyed, for they had been waiting for him to arrive. [41-42] Just then, a man named Jairus, the leader of the local Jewish congregation, fell before Jesus' feet. He desperately begged him to come and heal his twelve-year-old daughter, his only child, because she was at the point of death.Jesus started to go with him to his home to see her, but a large crowd surrounded him.


Luke 8:49-50 TPT

While Jesus was still speaking to the woman, someone came from Jairus' house and told him, "There's no need to bother the Master any further. Your daughter has passed away. She's gone." [50] When Jesus heard this, he said, "Jairus, don't yield to your fear. Have faith in me and she will live again."

1.Habbits establish what is normal.

2.the truth established what is right.
Luke 8:51-53 TPT

When they arrived at the house, Jesus allowed only Peter, John, and Jacob-along with the child's parents-to go inside. [52] Jesus told those left outside, who were sobbing and wailing with grief, "Stop crying. She is not dead; she's just asleep and must be awakened." [53] They laughed at him, knowing for certain that she had died.

3.Experiences make truth as and habits come alive.
Luke 8:54-56 TPT

Jesus approached the body, took the girl by her hand, and called out with a loud voice, "My sleeping child, awake! Rise up!" [55-56] Instantly her spirit returned to her body and she stood up. Jesus directed her stunned parents to give her something to eat and ordered them not to tell anyone what just happened.


Galatians 6:9 NIV

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.