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Language exchaNge 

sundays 2:30pm


Language Exchange is a place you can enjoy speaking in another language while making friends with people from all over the world. We are a warm and welcoming group of people who love meeting new friends!

Whether you know absolutely no English yet or you are already fluent, we are confident this is a meet up you will enjoy!
Every week we will open up with introductions where everyone will say their name, where they are from, and a random question for that week. Then we will break off into smaller groups and either talk about a certain topic or play a fun game.

Joining a group for the first time and meeting new people can be hard sometimes, right? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us so please read the information below and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions.

Add us on LINE to get more info!


Mondays 7pm (Every other week)


Come join us Monday nights at 7pm for some cooking fun! This group is for anyone. If you love cooking, want some new ideas, or even if you have no experience, this is the place for you!  You’ll need a knife, a place to prepare your food and a stove. Sign up through the link, get the Zoom number and let’s have some fun! Anyone can cook; you just have to try! Come join us!

(*This event is not happening currently)



fridays 8PM


The only thing better than singing is more singing!🎤🎶We’re taking Karaoke ONLINE! 📱💻 This is an open group for those who like to sing, absolutely NO singing/performance experience needed… it’s a relaxed/hangout video call to have fun and build friendships through singing.

歌うことよりマシな事、それはもっと歌う事!🎤🎶カラオケをオンラインでやっちゃおう!📱💻 (無料アプリ- サインアップなど必要なし) 歌うのが好きな人のためのグループです。経験など必要なし、リラックスしてビデオ通話を通して友達作りながら歌って楽しもう!

SIGN UP 申し込む

Online Woman’s Relax Night

Thursday 8:30pm- 9:30pm, Every second week

This is a group for women only. Using the Zoom app, we’ll get our favorite drinks ready and enjoy some girl talk! Whether you’re a mom or work full-time, come and see new friendships grow! At the end we’ll watch a stretching video from YouTube together to keep relaxing. Even if you’re only mildly interested, feel free to try it out and join us one time! We look forward to meeting you!

SIGN UP 申し込む

International Hangout for students and workers

twice a month


Welcome to the group of international hangout for students and workers! In this group we’re going out for dinner or play Futsal together once a month for each hangout! Feel free to join us if you want to make international friends, meet new people at the same stage of life, and/or enjoy activity in a friendly atmosphere!


ALPHA course

SUNDAYs 2:45pm (*Not gathering currently)


Alpha Course is run all around the world and has been completed by millions of people!
It’s a series of interactive videos exploring important questions about life! Please have a quick look at this promo video to know what it’s like!

Why am I here?
What’s my purpose?
Who is Jesus?
Why do so many people believe in the Bible?

We only have one life. So let’s discuss together about the meaning of life!
Lifehouse Hiroshima Church runs Alpha at our venue every Sunday at 2:45pm. Everyone is welcome to join us!


pre moms &moms community

once a month


Welcome to expecting Mums & Mums Community Group!

Once a month we'll meet up and have a lunch time for mum & parenting talk♪
In the midst of our busy days, let's take a breather and come together to encourage and be encouraged in a safe, positive community. Feel free to join in the middle or leave early! Let's have a great time with other moms!

*This group is ONLY for expecting moms and moms