Lifehouse Conference, why you should come

Lifehouse Conference is just around the corner!
This year, we’ll be meeting across 3 locations: Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo on 3 different dates.
No matter when you decide to join us, it will be worth the price!
The experience you get out of conference is actually priceless.
Out of the many reasons why you should come to Lifehouse Conference, we featured 3 reasons why you should.

One of the reasons why you should come to Lifehouse Conference is because people encounter God.
No matter the season you’re in, we’re all waiting on a specific word from Him.
This year we have Ps. John Cameron, Ps. Rob Ketterling (for Tokyo only) and our own senior Pastor, Ps. Rod Plummer each bringing a timely message for YOU. Let’s all come and drink!

Did you know that Conference is also a bonding time for people that come?
You may reunite with a good friend, or even make new friendships.
Who knows what God can do through friendships?
Come ready to meet new people and have the best time together.

There’s something special about coming together in worship during conference.
Every picture tells us a unique story of what God is doing in our city and among us.
God can change everything in a moment of worship. We can’t wait to worship with you!

We believe God is going to do something very unique and significant during this year’s conference.
Let’s all lean in to get the “One word” from God and be forever changed. It’s gonna be the best one ever!