Happy 20th anniversary to us!

Posted: 2022-08-30

August 30, 2022

This year, Lifehouse is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan!
The church has grown and evolved over that time, so we’ve taken this chance to ask some staff members from the Tokyo campus about the journey so far.


■ Where you’re from: Australia
■ Your role at church: Worship Director
■ The year you came to church: 2004
■ What was your first memory at Lifehouse?
Lots of fun and loud people, super passionate worship, Pastor Rod teaching us how to journal, and feeling a real sense that God would move in Japan.



■ Where you’re from: Japan
■ Your role at church: Online Production Director
■ The year you came to church: 2014
■What was your first memory at Lifehouse?
An overwhelming worship experience!
I definitely felt God through the worship experience and just seeing everyone enjoy it was so impactful!



■ Where you’re from: Australia
■ Your role at church: Tokyo Campus Pastor
■ The year you came to church: 2002 – My parents started Lifehouse church then and I was there from day 1.
■ Things you’ve seen stay the same since you joined:
The main thing that I’ve always seen stay the same is the mission: to reach the lost here in Japan. This has always been the goal and will always continue to be the goal.

I’ve also always seen a spirit of joy in our church. Even in challenging times, there’s always been a sense of joy and hope.

And lastly, I’ve always seen Pastor Rod and Viv live what they preach consistently. It’s always been about the people and the next generation.

The way we do things may change and evolve, but the heart has always been the same: to see God move in this great nation of Japan.



■ Where you’re from: Tokyo
■ Your role at church: Pastor
■ The year you came to church: 2013
■ Most fun memory at Lifehouse:
That’s a tough question!
When I think about it, there are too many fun memories to choose from!
If I had to pick one, it would be the wonderful relationships within the church!
I have so many memories of being encouraged in the tough times and celebrating together in the good!
My heart is full just thinking back on it all. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey together!



■ Where you’re from: South Africa
■ Your role at church: Pastor
■ The year you came to church: 2018
■ What are you looking forward to in the next season?
I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation of leaders rise up.
I believe that even more people will discover their gifts and use them to build the church and bless this city!

It’s exciting to reflect over the past twenty years and even more exciting to think about what the next twenty will bring!!

Why not become a part of what God is doing in Japan and Asia at Lifehouse?

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