This Christmas at Lifehouse

  The weather has turned deliciously cold, and many shops and businesses have already put up Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments. Lifehouse Tokyo is also gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year. But wait a minute, Christmas is not just about Christmas trees, lights and Santa, is it? No, it’s much more than that – it’s all … Read More

Happy 20th anniversary to us!

This year, Lifehouse is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan! The church has grown and evolved over that time, so we’ve taken this chance to ask some staff members from the Tokyo campus about the journey so far. ‬‬ DAN ■ Where you’re from: Australia ■ Your role at church: Worship Director ■ The year you came to church: 2004 … Read More

Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

  Fathers and father figures play a special role in our lives. Whether it’s for making us belly-laugh at dad jokes, learning from their wisdom, or having an example to look up to on how to live life with Jesus, we all want to thank our dads. With Father’s Day around the corner, take time to celebrate your father or … Read More

Join Language Exchange Tokyo!

Language Exchange Tokyo

  Join Language Exchange Tokyo: A Fun, Friendly Community For Language Learners! ‬‬ Have you been studying a language for a long time, but you freeze when face to face with a native speaker? Do you want to increase your vocabulary? Are you interested in improving your communication skills? If you said yes to any of the above, consider joining … Read More

What is Easter?

Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and the Bible – what is Easter all about? ‬‬ When is Easter? Easter is a Christian holiday that falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring (according to the lunisolar calendar) shortly after the vernal equinox, which means this year Easter Sunday is on April 4th! What is Easter About? Easter … Read More

Fun Recipe to Try at Home – Banh Mi

Tired of cooking the same things at home? Our Environments Team has shared some fun recipes you can try during this time. Today, we’d like to teach you how to make the Vietnamese style sandwich “Banh Mi,” with a recipe from Manami. Servings: 2 Sandwiches   Ingredients: Sliced pork belly – 4 slices 1/2 of 1 medium sized carrot A … Read More

Tips to Keep Strong and Flourish

Tips to Keep Strong

We find ourselves in unusual times. Everyday has different challenges and adventures as we learn new things, adjust to changes and wash our hands (a lot). As many of us find ourselves spending more time at home than usual, we thought of a few things that can help you make the most of every wonderful day you have!   TIP … Read More

Let’s Celebrate Easter 2020!

Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s have all come and gone. Next on the calendar is Easter! But have you ever wondered what in the world Easter is and how to celebrate it? Keep reading to find out.   When is Easter? Easter falls on a different date every year because it follows the lunar calendar, but it is always on … Read More

Vision 2020: Dreams and Visions

Twenty-Twenty is going to be a great year! With God, every year is full of new opportunities and fresh vision for the future. On Vision Sunday, we look at some of the exciting things that we can trust God for together as individuals and as a church community.   The key Bible scripture that inspired the theme for the year … Read More

Great Things Can Happen Around A Meal!

Christmas Chicken Dinner

On October the 22nd, the new Emperor celebrated his enthronement ceremony with many royal families, from around the globe, gathering together to mark this momentous occasion with an extravagant feast. Chicken wings and pizza became the food choice of champions in the changing rooms, when the South African rugby team celebrated their recent victory in the world cup. Whenever there … Read More