Step 3: Pay your debts – A borrower is a slave of the lender

Posted: 2021-05-21

Our step for this time, if you describe it in terms of a video game, is like a Dragon Quest RPG where you level up when defeating a slime-like creature and defeating the last boss. That’s why you need to be prepared. But it’s something that you can definitely overcome!

If you put sand in a plastic bag with holes, what do you think is gonna happen? It will still be empty, right?
I think it’s the same with saving and investing if you are not paying your debts. All the negatives and the interest from debts will just cancel out the positive income that you received.
That’s why it is so important to close that hole as soon as possible.
In other words, it is so important to pay all your debts.

Imagine a small snowball that starts rolling down from the top of a mountain. That snowball, if it continues to roll down the mountain, will become bigger to the point that no one can stop it anymore.
Paying debts is like that snowball. It starts small but as it gains momentum you will be able to pay a huge amount of debt. Today, I will teach you how to pay your debts, snowball-style.
First, make a list of all your debts starting from the lowest amount.
Then, we will not try to pay all of those at once. Rather, focus on the small amounts one at a time, and start paying them one by one.
Because of that, cut out the things that you can cut in your budget, and set aside that money to pay for your debts.
After you have paid one of your debts, use the money set aside for that payment, and use it to pay for the next debt on the list.
In that way, let’s pay our debts.

In this way, you’re building up small wins and you’ll start to gain confidence in paying all your debts. And, regarding the attitude towards paying debts that says, “I don’t want that” you should be able to be free from it and start to have joy instead. That will turn into a huge snowball that no one can stop and paying any kind of debt will turn into a possibility.

And, don’t forget, you being able to pay all your debts is God’s wish. That’s why when you take a step towards that goal God will definitely help you practically.

This series is our “7 Steps toward financial freedom.” It is like what’s written in the Bible below:
The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. (Proverbs 22:7 NIV)

It is very clear that the borrower is a slave to the lender. What that means is, this step is a step for you to get out of being a slave and be financially free. So now, with all your strength take that step!

And be sure to check out the videos in this series in the link below!



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