【U30】11/24 Thanks Giving Party

“Let’s spend time together, expressing gratitude for the best thingthat happened this year. Enjoy a feast, play games, and even engage in language exchange. It’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss! 👀🔥Feel free to invite friends and let’s make some great memories together! *This event is for under 30years old*Participation fee: 500 yen” 11/24(Fri) 18:00PM – 21:00PM Att Business … Read More

Any mom can make their kids bilingual!

“ I wish she spoke English…” I would suspect a lot of parents would have that kind of thoughts, especially if you’re in an international marriage, and your first language isn’t English. But… Any mom can make their kids bilingual! I had an experience teaching kid’s English teacher for 2 years, and also I am growing my kids to be … Read More