Be a Dream-Releaser (Even in a Prison) Get hit on the head with an apple in this time of pandemic

Be a Dream-Releaser (Even in a Prison) Get hit on the head with an apple in this time of pandemic

Isaac Newton. He went to the countryside during a pandemic, sat under a tree, got hit on the head by an apple, and made a discovery that changed the world.

Joseph. Through God telling him the meaning of the king’s dream in prison, he made his way to becoming the prime minister.

What kind of time is this pandemic situation going to become for you? Let’s remember these 4 “Apple Moments” from Joseph, who had the best chance from not letting go of his relationship with God in prison.

Huh? What’s an “apple moment”?! Listen to Sunday’s message! Haha! That will become your apple moment!

Joseph was in prison for reasons that weren’t fair, but he didn’t go around complaining about it every day. Having a clean heart was what enabled him to understand and explain what God said about the dream. God wants to give you great ideas, ways, pictures, stories, and discoveries. But if you’re full of anger, when the “apple” hits your head, instead of getting inspiration, you might just get mad.
Let’s forgive and keep a clean heart every day!  

🍎2. Learn where you are
Joseph understood where he was and his situation (in prison), and did his best right there. So let’s understand and accept the situation where we can’t go out right now, and do our best right here. It might be a chance to learn something! To start something new! To invite someone to church! Let’s try to do what we can today, so that when we get out of this prison, we will have become people who have grown.

🍎3. Serve people
Joseph continued to have a great attitude even in prison, and he served the others (prisoners) around him. When we have the posture of “serving someone”, we’ll start to see what we should do – even while we’re at home. And if we can do something for someone, everyday is so fulfilling even at home. And when we finally leave our houses, that’s going to connect to something much bigger. There’s an online Dream Team at church that you can serve in.

🍎4. Wait for God to act
Joseph got a vision from God that he would become a chosen leader. He didn’t try to force it to happen; he just waited for God to act as he kept serving others in prison.

Habakkuk 2:3 NIV
For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

So, let’s cling to the dreams that God is giving us today. Are you tired of waiting? Read this verse aloud. And let’s believe again.
God always fulfills His promises.