Don’t lose to Corona! – Loneliness

Don’t lose to Corona! – Loneliness

Loneliness seems like an illness that has no cure, a problem that has persisted in this world even before the pandemic started.

But did you know?

From the beginning of this world, we have been continuously given solutions to fight loneliness.

Whatever life you have lived until now, whatever sad situations you have experienced at home, whatever
life you want from now, you do not have to live in loneliness. So hold on to hope!

I think there are a few reasons why we feel lonely. I am going to write some of them below, and if you think that it describes your situation, I want you to pray in that moment, “God, this describes my situation right now. Help me.” Pray this because God wants to help you and He is with you.

1. Feeling loneliness is temporary

Maybe you have moved or have been separated from your family and close friends for other reasons. In these cases, it is natural for us to feel lonely. It is the same thing now when we cannot meet people because of coronavirus. Feeling lonely is natural. However, this is only temporary. So, don’t impatiently try to make friends or try to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Put more care and effort into the really important relationships that you already have.

2. Believing that you are lonely

If you think that you are lonely, I want you to think hard about whether it really is true. Most of the time, in reality, you are not lonely. You have friends and family who think of you as important and you have friends and family that you treat as important.

You may have heard voices like, “I have to be strong” or “I am unworthy (of friends)…” Or maybe thoughts that say “I am alone” have been guiding your life until now. But, be free from such lies.

God knows that it is not good for a person to be alone, and thus He created companions for us. This world is not meant for you to live alone.
You have been created by God and you are so needed by this world and the people who are living in this age. So, let’s help each other and live.

3. Real loneliness

It may be harsh to hear this but there is a possibility that what you are feeling is really loneliness. And that must be tough.

But, it’s because of that that I want you to know this all the more- Jesus came to this world for you. He came so that He can be with you in your daily life- helping you make the best memories, overcome challenges, and live a bright life in this world with Him.

That is why you have a choice to not be a lonely person anymore. When you believe in Jesus, you don’t have to live this life alone!

And then, in the future, as a person who has experienced it firsthand, it will be your turn to help other people suffering in loneliness.