Easter In 2020 – Come On And Celebrate Together!

Easter In 2020 – Come On And Celebrate Together!

Easter is still on this year! Of course, I don’t think we’ve ever had an Easter quite like this one, so yes, things are very different. But in times like this, the fact that Jesus is ALIVE, and we can live with him, never changes!

So even though we may be physically separated from one another, we can still celebrate this wonderful Easter together!

With that, two things that were shared in last Sunday’s message are vitally important for us to be able to enjoy Easter to the fullest! (I’m talking 120%!)

Is it hard to imagine what it is just by hearing the word “communion”? The online service last Sunday was a great time when we could experience the joy, power, and impact on our hearts that is in communion. It was really an awesome time! If you haven’t listened to this week’s message yet, I highly recommend that you do so!

And also during this week, please take some time aside as we await Easter this Sunday. We receive a time of “communion” by saying, “Thank you, Jesus” for the new life He has given us, forgiveness, and the great relationship we now have with God. Then God will work powerfully in your life.

2. The Cross

The cross is the reason why we can overflow with joy without any hesitation today. The cross has the power to remove anything that could take joy away from our hearts. Guilt, shame, disgrace, anxiety, any mistakes you’ve made or anything you might have done…if you believe and accept that Jesus carried all those on the cross for YOU, your heart will start overflowing with joy.

SO if you’ve never believed in this Jesus before, please try praying this simple prayer: “Jesus, I believe in you”, even now as you read this. Because I can guarantee that God is patiently waiting for the chance to shine light on your heart and chase away the darkness!

OK now! Next week, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! By all means, please join us for online service, and let’s make it a wonderful Easter! Hope to see you there!