#For what reason am I living? – You have free will

Posted: 2021-03-04

In the last two parts of this series, I wrote about how everyone (yes, that includes you!) has Someone who created him/her as unique and valuable. Like a wonderful cake, you are made with extreme effort, purpose, and attention to detail, right down to the ingredients themselves.
But today, I’d like to ask you to ponder this question!

-So are we actually exactly like cake?
In other words, are we passive in every way, like a cake in a cake display at a shop that has no control over anything?

The answer to this question should be pretty easy, but there might be times when we become too confused while living in this society to answer this question.
But of course, we are different from cake.
We have breath in our lungs.

And also, although it’s a scary fact, we have the capability to stop our own or somebody else’s breath a few years after we are born into this world.

In other words, you have something cake doesn’t have: free will.

But that free will doesn’t mean you have a choice over what your purpose is supposed to be.

Even though you have the power to decide what to do in life, that doesn’t mean you have the power to change the true purpose for your life.

It is a good purpose, and no one is allowed to change it to a bad purpose.

So what is this “free will” that is given to us?

It means that we can actually decide what path to live on and live a life that hurts both ourselves and others around us, which is far from the purpose God has given us.

It also means that we could even say “There’s no purpose to my life,” and just live a lazy life.

Now, you might be saying to yourself: “I can decide my own purpose.”
And I understand the feeling.
But God is the creator who created the universe- this vast, impossibly big universe that we humans haven’t comprehended even one billionth of. And yet to Him, YOU are worth more than everything within that universe.

The purpose that God has instilled in you is more vast and deep than the universe.

Therefore, that purpose is definitely not boring. I can promise you that it’s far more fun than you could ever imagine, so don’t worry about it!
It’s far more adventurous than simple space travel!!

The life we live with the purpose given by Him is a life filled to the brim with freedom, adventure, and fulfillment!

If you are given today to live, breathe the air in with all your might and breathe the air out with all your might saying, “God! What could I do today?”

Simply put: free will is the ability to either accept or reject the purpose that God has laid out for us.

Remember, there IS a purpose in your life.


Psalm 139:17 NLT
How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!



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