He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!

How can Christians live such happy-looking lives, even though Jesus died on the cross? What’s so happy about this Easter in this time of coronavirus? Celebration?!

Easter is a time when people who believe in Jesus celebrate the reason they can live great lives full of hope. And though it might sound simple, anyone who hears has the choice to believe. So if you’re reading this, and you’re going to believe, that reason can be yours, too. If you haven’t heard the Easter message from Sunday, stop reading now and go listen to it! And don’t miss out on the box people story! Lol!

Here are the three points from the message- the reasons we really can say “Happy Easter” without pretending.

1. He is risen
The tomb He was in is empty, He rose back to life, He’s still alive, and there were so many witnesses of these unbelievable events! And the greatest evidence is the way that Jesus has changed our lives in a way that only He can.

2. He is powerful
When Jesus died on the cross, to a regular person it would have looked like He died as a criminal or a loser. But He rose back to life and is now in the highest place! He totally smashed death and made a way for us so we don’t have to be scared of death anymore. Easter is like a parade that welcomes the champion!

3. He is coming back for us
Jesus lives within us through the Holy Spirit, but we can’t physically see him. There is still sickness, suffering, and sadness in this world. But in all of that, the one reason to rejoice that we can always hold onto is that one day we’ll meet Jesus face to face and be with Him forever. Then there won’t be any sickness, corona, sadness, or suffering. So let’s live today with everything we have, looking forward to that day.

Jesus has already defeated death, risen back to life, and given us hope. So the rest is up to you. You can live in this hope, too!