Who am I? A Masterpiece

Posted: 2020-06-11

I am sure everyone has heard this question. Maybe you are even thinking about it now! Maybe the person you hate the most is yourself. Or maybe you look like a very confident person, but inside, you are shuddering because you are not sure of your worth.

Why am I trying to predict your situation like this? It’s because there was a time that I was the same as you. But now, I know that I am a masterpiece. And I know that you are also a masterpiece. That’s why, even just for a moment, open up your heart and try to read this. I only have 3 points. Let’s try to remember these 3 points everyday.

Things that I want you to know about yourself:

1. God created you.
Nature is really amazing. Even though technology has developed greatly in the past years, if humans cannot recreate nature, there is still a part of it that we have yet to fully understand. Nature is vast and yet there is so much harmony in it that we cannot say this is only by chance. This is evidence that no one can deny- evidence that Someone designed the universe. Also, no one can deny the breathtaking beauty of this world.

The God who created that universe created you.

The person you see in the mirror is packed with breathtaking magnificence that nobody can deny. Remember this every day. This is a fact that will never change.

2. The you who God created is the best

Of course, there are different standards in this world, and all of them do not call you the best.
However, how well do those people who judge you know you?
How well do you know yourself?
Nobody in this world knows you as well as God knows you. And because of that, the most accurate and trustworthy judgment comes from Him.

And God says that your value is “the best.”

God has seen your worth, so much so that he laid down his life for you.
That is something that no one can take from you. The world’s standards cannot overwrite the value God has placed on you. Let’s remember this every day. That value will never waver.

3. Jesus loves you.

I hated myself. That’s why the view I had of myself was always negative. But the moment I encountered Jesus, that view changed. It doesn’t mean that I understood everything about myself. But, my view changed from “a life of showing everyone that I am the worst person ever” to “a life of discovering the best life God has created for me.”

What brought that change? I started to receive and believe this word of Jesus:

“I love you.”

And then, I accepted it and continue to believe in it. Let’s remember this every day. God loves you.

We will continue this topic of “Who am I? ” next time.
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Thank you for reading!

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