Who am I? Sons and Daughters

Posted: 2020-06-16

“You are my child, and I love you so much. Your existence is an enormous joy to me”

What if someone suddenly said that to you? What would you think? It’d certainly be pretty surprising!

But if this were true, wouldn’t that be awesome?

God calls you His son and daughter. Even though this seems unbelievable, there isn’t anyone or anything that can change this eternal truth. No matter what happens or what anyone says to you, God will never give up on you.

People grow up in a variety of different circumstances and have a lot of different ideas about their families and parents. But regardless of your point of view on the subject, I want you to know just what kind of Father God is. Because he’s the best dad you could ever ask for!

And getting to know him will help you know who you are as a son or daughter.

You’re not insignificant. You’re not bad, or worthless, or inferior to those around you.

You are an irreplaceable child of your heavenly father who has saved you by giving up his life.

You are the child that your heavenly father would dare to save in spite of being beaten up or even being hung on a cross.

It’s ok to be a bit skeptical. Maybe you’re still carrying around some hurt from your own family. But with all that, please try to open the bible (even one page is fine)! You can also try participating in online service. Prayer is good too. It’s okay if it feels a bit awkward! You can try simply praying “help me” to start.

As you get to know your heavenly father, your wounds will begin to heal, one after another. He will reveal your worth to you, and then you will truly realize how valuable you are as a son or daughter.

And if you want to take a step to start knowing God, please click the “I want to believe in Jesus” button at the bottom of this blog. We want to be able to help you with those first steps!

Well, thanks so much for reading! Next week, we’ll continue our “Who am I?” series! Hope to see you there!


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