You are not a failure.

Anyone who’s met me now will think that I was raised as a athlete.
But, I wasn’t.
When I was a little boy, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t read or write.
Because of that, friends and teachers made fun of me and betrayed me.
I thought I was failure.
But how God looked at me was different.
He loved me from the bottom of the heart.
In God’s eyes, I was special.
God gave me strength from the inside and had a huge impact on me.
I was able to finish high school, university. Accomplishing with top grades.
No one believed I could, but I did it.
And here I am now.
When there is a problem in our life, God doesn’t explain to us “ WHY”.
But he ‘promises’ you. Because he knows your potential.
Even though it’s a tough sitiuation, don’t give up!
Even if you get negative words from someone, don’t believe that lie!
God created you for a specific purpose.
God will give you strength, same as He did to me!
You are special!