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Posted: 2021-11-27

We hope you are enjoying these last few days of November, December is almost here!

We are almost finished with our “Love Your Neighbour” series, and I am so reminded through this series that we have an advantage in loving our neighbours – we aren’t doing it alone because we are part of the church! God has called each one of us to live our lives not just for ourselves, but for Him and for others. And God didn’t give us this calling to do by ourselves, He’s called us to do it together as the church.

(Psalm 92:13 NIV) planted in the house of the Lord,they will flourish in the courts of our God.

We can do more together with God than we could ever do individually. So l want to encourage you to not only attend church, but be planted in and love the church, be part of building the church together. Because the church isn’t just a service – it’s people.

What can we do together as a church to love our neighbours?

Serve: our church isn’t built by a few people giving a lot, it’s built by many people giving what God has given them today. We can all be part of someone’s story of finding Jesus by serving with the gifts God has given us. Whether we have musical gifts, a love for making people feel welcomed and included, gifting in languages or teaching, or simply a love for getting things done, there are many ways we can serve online and in-person.
(see how you could serve with us in-person here)

Invite: everyone’s story of finding Jesus started with an invitation. Whether that was an invitation to accept Jesus into their heart, an invitation to church, or even an invitation to Language Exchange or a Community Connect Group. We can love our neighbours in many ways, and the ultimate love is giving them an opportunity to know Jesus themselves. Whether it’s to something online or in-person, let’s be people with open invitations.

This week we will be gathering online and in-person in Fukuoka. If you want to join us in-person, please fill out the “Plan Your Visit form” to help us prepare for a great, safe service.

From December our 11:30am service will change to 11am as it is a better time for in-person services. We will have two in-person services this Christmas season, 12/12 and 12/19. We’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas together.

Have a great end to your week!

Fletcher & Yuumi



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