Blessed, not taihen + Connect Groups

We hope you have had a great week…it’s crazy to think that next Sunday will be the first Sunday of June…the year is going fast! With June starting soon it means Connect Groups will be back too. But quickly we want to encourage you off the back of last week’s message “Makarios for the Meek“. Shiva shared from John 13, … Read More

Thankful and Generous

It was great to celebrate Mother’s Day together! We worshiped together, mums got flowers, and we even learned that one of our Connect Group leaders is good a pretending to be dead (according to her kids) 😉. We also dove in to our Be😊Attitudes series with Ps Noboru sharing on “Too Blessed to Stress”. Matthew 5:3NLT “God blesses those who … Read More

Keep Celebrating – 8th Anniversary

We hope you had a great Easter. We really felt a fresh celebration this year over the Easter season and it has us excited for sharing this hope we have with others that haven’t heard. In Fukuoka we had a great time in-person, meeting new families and friends that were invited. The kids had a blast in Kid’s church and … Read More

Easter Sunday

You’re getting this message a little earlier this week because this week is Easter! The biggest celebration of the Christian faith, that through Jesus death is defeated, sin is washed away, and we can have relationship and life with God for eternity. 1 Corinthians 15:55-57 55 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” 56 The … Read More

Easter, Communion, Remembrance

We hope you’ve had a great week. In Fukuoka we had a great in-person service last week, celebrating three child dedications, and finishing our Restore series the same as our Online service. We also got to hang out with some friends from church and Language Exchange for a little hanami since the weather was perfect. We have three more in-person … Read More

Four in Five Weeks – Invitation is Open

We are ready to see you at one of our 4 in-person services coming up in the next 5 weeks. Starting with this week we are celebrating 3 baby dedications, then next week will begin our 3 week Easter series and focus on communion (sign-up here to join as event restrictions are still in place). April 17th is Easter Sunday … Read More

Kaika! + Zoom and In-person Services

“Kaika” has been announced in Fukuoka! For those like me who didn’t know that Japanese word until today, kaika means “blooming”, and the meteorological agency has declared that the cherry blossom season has officially started in Fukuoka. And although it has also come with some rain to delay the hanami season, it has reminded me of one of my journals … Read More

Excitement of Vision

Thank you to everyone that joined our Zoom service on Sunday! It was great seeing you and sharing communion together. We will have another Zoom service next week (3/20) so if you want to join and see some more of the church family we would love to welcome you! Also, with the decrease in covid cases we are looking forward … Read More

Reignite Invitation

Welcome to March! Spring is here. We’re looking for the cherry-blossoms starting to bloom. And we’re looking forward to the month ahead and more chances to see you as a church family! As we have just finished our “Re-ignite” series, I want to encourage you that God is always at work. This week in my journaling I was again reminded … Read More

Reignite Opportunities

The temperature was very up and down all week but we hope your week finished on the up. Last week in my Connect Group we were talking about journaling and why we want to create a daily habit of reading the bible. And the number one reason is this: it creates an opportunity for God to speak to us everyday. … Read More