Reignite Opportunities

Posted: 2022-02-20

The temperature was very up and down all week but we hope your week finished on the up. Last week in my Connect Group we were talking about journaling and why we want to create a daily habit of reading the bible. And the number one reason is this: it creates an opportunity for God to speak to us everyday. I think that’s a great perspective to have about journaling, and leads to a great question to ask ourselves as we go through our message series “Reignite” this month.

What opportunities am I giving God and the Holy Spirit to interact with, and lead, my everyday life?

Let’s not get tired with journaling, praying, giving, forgiving, serving. Let’s see all of these as opportunities for God to speak to us. To change our hearts. To help us be who He planned and called us to be. Let’s be encouraged this week to create opportunities for God in our lives everyday.

We quickly want to give you an update on our Heart for Missions Giving. Globally, we have given over 4 million JPY for Tejas Asia, which is over half our goal of 7.5million for the year. Thank you to everyone that has given! It has allowed us to send the first 6 months of funding to Tejas Asia to continue feeding, educating, and providing medical care to over 400 children a day in the slums of New Delhi. A small amount to us makes a huge impact in these children’s lives, especially as we all give together as a church. If you haven’t given towards our Heart for Missions but want to, please go to for more information on Tejas Asia and how to give.

Have a great weekend!
Fletcher & Yuumi



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