I was loved even before I started doing something

Our heavenly dad won’t give up on us and abandon us.
He is a perfect dad.
As your father, he wants us to overcome, and have hope.
He wants us to see a life that’s beyond yourself.
Because you are His son. His daughter.
Father’s day. This is the day that we will see miracles.
Heavenly dad. This is God!
Dad is always accepting you. He loves you.
That’s why when we pray, let’s pray to him like we talk to our dad.
Dad will always want their kids to learn, give and leave something for them.
Heavenly Dad has left us something.
Through the cross He saved us, sons and daughters from sin.
He wanted to save you.
The answer is really simple. He loves you.
Heavenly dad says,
“Respect your parents.”
Even if you can’t forgive, our heavenly dad will help you!